2013 Review

It has been an amazing year. I am humbled by the success my books received, and the simple fact that publishers are interested in the stories I write enough to publish them. vaccination_ebook_resized_1Additionally, it cannot go unrecognized the many thanks and signs ogf gratitude I would like to extend to the readers! Thank you for the reviews left on Amazon and Goodreads. It is greatly, greatly appreciated.

In September, Severed Press released the 1st in a zombie trilogy, VACCINATION. From mid-September until at least today, sales have been amazing. On multiple days, and for consecutive days throughout the last few months, VACCINATION has ranked overall from #1,500 to #7,000; and anywhere from the #11 Best Selling Apocalyptic Novel on Amazon, to #98 — and everywhere in-between. Thank you!

At the end of November, Severed Press released the 2nd in the trilogy, EVACUATION. Off Evacuation_ebook_cover_resized_1to a slower start, the book sales jumped right up to #9,000 in overall selling ranks on Amazon — just breaking the top #100 Post Apocalyoptic charts — but it is only December 11, 2013 — so I am hopeful those rankings will continue to improve! If you haven’t read EVACUATION yet … ummm, why not? 🙂

On December 1st, Barking Rain Press released my first YA novel, SOUNDS OF SILENCE. The outstanding quality of the paperback left me breathless. The amount of time and effort that BRP put into the production of this “heartwarming” story is impressive and I cannot wait to submit additional manuscripts to them for potential future releases!

sosYesterday, December 10th, I placed a short story, “A Zombie Fix,” with Horrifed Press’ anthology, Nightmare Illustrated. The idea for the story was fleshed out by my oldest son, and shared with me. While his hope was for me to incorporate the idea into a novel, I managed to pound out a hearty 1,800 or so words. (Half any royalties I receive will be given to my son, just FYI).

I have 3 amazing kids. Two in college. We’re all healthy. My job with 9-1-1 is secure, and stable and allows me to pay bills and put food on the table. I have no complaints about 2013. None.

A quick glance at 2014?

In February the 3rd book in the zombie trilogy will be released by Severed Press. PRESERVATION. In April, Severed Press will release, RIVERBED, and then I am contracted for a second zombie trilogy. The first will be: DAMN THE DEAD. This will release, potentially in June 2014.

Please continue to check the website regularly for updates. Please continue to read my tales. Please continue to write reviews, share posts, leave comments, send emails … All of that means more to an author than you might imagine. The writing process is a lonely one. Contact with the outside world, any interaction at all, is priceless.

Happy 2013 to all. Best wishes as we venture into 2014.

God bless,
Phillip Tomasso

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  1. It sounds like you had an amazing year, I’ve certanly enjoyed reading your novels and most of all I enjoy sharing creative ideas and inspiring each other while at work. Some of the changes that are in the works for my business is because of the late night conversations we have at 911. I’m looking forward the final installation in the Vaccination series and I can’t wait to start DAMN THE DEAD. Here’s to an equally amazing year in 2014.

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