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Just wanted to wrap up the fall / winter 2015 season.

I recently contributed as a guest blogger on some pretty popular blog sites. I thought I would add the links below, in case you missed the blogs, and interviews and wanted to be kept up to date on my writings.

If you stop by the blog sites linked below, show some love and leave a comment. I am sure the owners of the blogs will appreciate the visit. And if you give enough notice, they may evey put on a pot of coffee before you arrive. (Just kidding. They don’t drink coffee).

Let’s see. I will try to post them in order of appearances:

My Book Addiction hosted the annual zOctober (2015). Toni, who runs the site, is a wonderful, hardworking lady who loves her some zombies now and then. Who can blame her? My blog for 2015’s zOctober:

Do You Think Taboos in Horror Should Still Exist?

Next, I stopped over to visit with Meghan, at The Girl in the Blue Mask. This young lady has a keen eye for just about everything, and a fun personality. I love making new friends! My guest blog for The Gal’s 31 Days of Horror, I wrote:

I Am One of the Infected and was interviewed by Ms, Meghan as well. Sneak a peak at my answers to some tough questions right . . . HERE!

In November I was part of a team of authors lucky enough to participate in Armand Rosamila’s Winter of Zombie 2015. This very high promotion tour was riddled with amazing author guest blogs, and interviews as well. I submitted a survival plan blog entitled:

What Will You Do When the ZA Hits?

As always, thank you for stopping by, and a big thank you to Toni, Armand, and Meghan!

Hope you all had a fantastic 2015!

Phillip Tomasso,
Author of Wizard’s Rise and Damn the Dead

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