Book Review: ASSASSIN’S CODE, by Ward Larsen

So here is what happened. I received a copy of ASSASSIN’S CODE from the publisher so I could write a review. I hate jumping in to the middle of a series. This, being the fourth book in the David Slaton series, I did the only thing an avid reader could do. I went back and read the first three books first. Do you have to do that? No. Each Slaton novel seems to be a solid stand-alone. However, there is some history that carries over from book to book. Would I recommend starting at book one, and working your way up to book four, I would. But that is me.

I enjoyed ASSASSIN’S CODE very much. It might be my favorite in the series. Like the others, it is an international spy thriller. David Slaton, retired assassin for Mossad, Israeli Intelligence Agency, lives with his wife on a boat, off the grid. Being set-up, Slade investigates a suspicious stranded vessel. Inside he finds a current photograph of Ali Samir. A terrorist, and a man Slade assassinated nearly fifteen years ago.

Now, Ali is back. He is going by the name Zavier Baland and is a heartbeat away from becoming the director of the DGSI, the French Counterterrorism division. Old wrongs need to be righted. Using his old contacts, Slade works with the only people he can trust putting together a plan to take Baland (Samir) out once and for all!

To make matters work ISIS is in the midst of launching multiple terrorist attacks across Europe. The main terrorist, a young woman, appears to be working more as an independent agent for ISIS with a personal vendetta in her plans of attack. Naturally, those plans involve the murder of David Slaton.

Intense plotting, and calculated action throw David Slaton back into the mix. Old work habits never die. In a race to stop Baland before he becomes director, thwarting planned terrorist attacks, and staying alive are all on Slaton’s agenda. Ward Larsen has outdone himself. I can’t get over the complexity of the storyline –but how easy Larsen makes it flow. This is perhaps one of my most favorite spy series ever, right up there with Ludlum’s Bourne, and Clancy’s Ryan books.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of the Severed Empire series,
and the Vaccination Trilogy

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