Book Review: ASSASSIN’S GAME, by Ward Larsen

David Slaton is the most effective, lethal assassin created . . .

ASSASSIN’S GAME is the second book in the David Slaton series. (The first was THE PERFECT ASSASSIN — click here for the review). Both books are quick, exciting reads. However, I enjoyed ASSASSIN’S GAME just a bit more.

Dr. Ibrahim Hamedi is the scientist Iran has been waiting for. A country desperate for nuclear weapons of their own, they cling onto the doctor’s promise that he can get them where they need to be. Desperate to stop Iran’s head-long charge toward nuclear-tipped madness the Mossad (Israeli Intelligence) formulates a plan. Problems start when it is soon realized the plan they came up with is far from a good plan.

David Slaton was on of the best trained assassin’s within the Mossad. He has since retired, and gotten married. All evidence that he existed has been erased. He and his family should have been forgotten. Instead, the director decides kidnapping Slaton’s wife, Christine, and holding her hostage would be the best way to get Slaton back into the game.

Once Mossad has Christine then Slaton could be forced to assassinate Dr. Hamedi before Iran has a fully functional nuclear weapon. Christine isn’t having it. She is not surrendering easy. And is now on the run. When David Slaton figures out what Mossad is up to he has multiple difficult decisions to make. But first Slaton has to find his wife. Then he has to figure out how to keep her safe. In order to keep Israel safe, Slaton must also figure out a way to keep nuclear weapons out of Iran’s hands.

Allies and enemies. Sometimes they are evident. Concrete. Sometimes you can’t tell one from the other. Slaton has his work cut out for him, and limited time to fit all of the pieces of the puzzle together!

I truly enjoy Ward Larsen’s tight writing. He keeps his chapters short, and packed with tension. What I really like is how Larsen give just as much time to create depth not just for his main characters, but for the secondary, and even the less significant characters. I am in a spy-reading mode lately, and have been kicking back with the likes of Vince Flynn, and Tom Clancy. Love that I can add a new author to my list.

Phillip Tomasso
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