Book Review: CABINET OF CURIOSITIES, by Preston & Child

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Warner Books, 2002
466 Pages
Thriller / Supernatural

Man, it was a long, long time ago when I first read RELIC, the 1st Pendergast book in the series. I remember loving it. The movie was so-so. I then read the second book, RELIQUARY, and same thing. Loved it. For whatever reason, I never read more by these two talented writers, until now!

THE CABINET OF CURIOSITIES is fast, and fun. I was grabbed from the opening scenes, and immediately wondered why I’d not kept up on their titles all along. (I will be rectifying that).

When during a construction dig a room filled with the bones of thirty-six people is discovered, FBI Special Agent Pendergast is on scene, and investigating the discovery. He calls on Dr. Nora Kelly for assistance. working for the New York museum, her expertise in the field is paramount.

With the unearthing of the remains, new murders begin. They are identical deaths when compared to the skeletons found. It stems back to 1848, and the mystery, the horror, begins! With the police, the company building, and Pendergast interested in finding answers, Nora gets caught up in the fury of finding the truth, and staying alive.

Truly a fast paced, character-driven suspense novel! And like the first two books in the series, at the risk of repeating myself, loved it!

Phillip Tomasso

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