Book Review: Chew, Taster’s Choice

I normally do not read comic books, or graphic novels. A guy at work suggested a series to me. He brought in and let me borrow the first one. I read it in one sitting.thCA77G0SL

Tony Chu used to belong to the Philadelphia Police Department, that is until he is hired by the most powerful law enforcement agency in the country, the F.D.A (that’s right, the Food and Drug Administration). You see, some 139 million people died world-wide. The Government blamed the Avian flu. As a result the selling of, purchasing, cooking, or eating of any poultry was outlawed. Paired with a large partner, (Mason Savoy), the two attempt to track down the person(s) responsible for the murder of a Health Inspector.

Here’s where it gets weird. Chu is a Cibopath. This means if he eats an apple he gets images in his mind. He can tell you the where the seed was planted, the pesticides used on it, when and how it was picked, and so on . . . Same holds true if he eats a hamburger. He can see the life the cow led, up to and including the slaughter.

Imagine eating the flesh of a severed finger. Might it lead him to the person who . . . lost the finger?

Written by John Layman and illustrated by Rob Guillory, the first graphic novel in this series was unique, compelling, and enjoyable. There is plenty of tension, action and gripping dialogue. While only 5 Chapters long, I can see the set up or future storylines — and look forward to them.

With some bad (F-words) language, and visually detailed violence (including cannibolism), Chew: Taster’s Choice comic may not be for everyone. I, however, enjoyed it very much and will continue to see what Layman and Guillory have in store.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of The Vaccination Trilogy

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