Book Review: Closer Than You Know, by Brad Parks

I read  in two sittings Closer Than You Know. From the opening chapter until the last, I just kept turning pages. I needed to know what would happen next. Had to know.

Melanie Barrick had a rough childhood. She was put in the system. Her parents a waste of space, using up oxygen. They cared more about themselves than their children. The dark past is riddled with pain, and mental anguish. And yet, Melanie pulled through.

Working as a dispatcher, Melanie married a man working toward his PhD. Ben was a special kind of guy. Melanie was pregnant, and Ben knew the baby might not be his. That didn’t stop him. That didn’t stop his love for Melanie.

Life goes from near-perfect to one nightmare after another when their son, Alex, is pulled from them and placed in child protective services. No reason given. No reason –until Melanie learn

s about the drug raid on her home. The police recovered a massive amount of cocaine from their house. The drugs, and Melanie’s cell p


hone are found in the baby’s room.

All evidence points to the Barricks. Specifically at Melanie. CPS, arrests, jail, courtroom drama –it is times like these when Melanie finds out who her true friends are, those who love her . . . but will it be enough? Looking at a long stint in prison, and her child being lost in the system Melanie knows that complete disaster is closer than she cares to realize!

Tight, short chapters. Developed, engaging characters. Crisp, meaningful narrative . . . All around a thrilling novel. I have never read Brad Parks before. I cannot wait to read more by him now!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero
and Damn the Dead

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