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My daughter loves mermaids. When she DEEP BLUE by Jennifer Donnelly, she asked me to get it for her. I did. She read it (the first in a series), then wanted the second, ROGUE WAVE. I ordered it. And when I gave it to her, she handed me, DEEP BLUE, and asked, “Don’t you want to read this one?” Truth was, I didn’t. I am so glad I did. I would have missed out on some amazing story telling.41QxKDwxMJL._SS300_

Let me start with complimenting author Jennifer Donnelly. The narrative never broke mermaid narrative, from descriptions, metaphors and similes. Every detail was somehow underwater related, and seemed to have been written effortlessly. I am sure the writing was complicated. That is the mark of a pro (or pro editing team). One example was, that was sore “like a hook through the mouth.”

In this taut novel, (339 pages, includes 10 pages of necessary glossary words), Donnelly tells an almost clean, YA underwater Game of Thrones-mermaid style tale. It is complicated enough to make writing an engaging review difficult.

51MNhdxDZcL._UX250_As the Princepassa (princesses), Serafina tries not to let nightmares get to her. It is a big day. After performing a Songspell in front of all of Miromaran, she will take her betrothal to the next level and become officially engaged to Mahdi. The union of these young mermaids is coordinated to join two kingdoms, creating a unification that will make other kingdoms think twice about ever attacking either one.

That is the plan. However, breaking a long-time treaty, the Ondalina launch a surprise and devastatingly deadly attack. Serafina and Mahdi’s cousin, Neela, escape the immediate danger of the battle on Serefina’s kingdom, Instead, they find themselves engulfed in a dangerous adventure that makes war seem more like ripple from a pebble dropped into a pond.

The nightmares might be more of a foreshadowing. Serafina isn’t the only mermaid having the dreams. Neela is, too. As are four other mermaids. Order of the Iele (Mermaid witches) is calling to them for help, drawing the six mysteriously together.

War is one thing. The Iele require six talismans to prevent the monster responsible for the sinking of Atlantas. The talisman’s have been scattered across the oceans. No one knows where they are. Not even the Iele. Even with the magical objects, the six mermaids working together might not be able to defeat the Abbadon –a beast that has once been defeated and caged in Antarctica. But without the talismans, they know they NEVER will.

The action is non-stop. The danger is constant. There is no shortage of tension, or formidable enemies. From dark plot lines, to unexpected turn, after turn, after turn, DEEP BLUE was impressively gripping. I am now urging my daughter to hurry and finish ROGUE WAVE, because I want to read it next!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Damn the Dead and
Young Blood: The Nightbreed Saga

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