Book Review: Field of Valor, by Matthew Betley

I just finished reading the third book in the Logan West series. Matthew Betley’s Field of Valor is comparable to the first two in the series. Non-stop adrenaline. Witty banter. A clever plot. Twists and turns, and more twists, and even more turns . . .

A rogue republic is operating inside the government. The group, known as the Organization, is made of a select group of powerful people. They make things happen, get things done. Sometimes the end does not always justify the means. More and more that is the case.

When a thumb drive, containing names and secret information on important people is taken, Logan and his team of skilled friends (and associates) are called in to make things right. The information on the drive will cause chaos inside the U.S. government, and if leaked to the wrong people, would cause anarchy in America.

Security details, special agents, and lots and lots of gunfights fill the pages of Field of Valor. Logan and Quick battle the various enemies side-by-side. Who is good? Who is bad? Who can be trusted? The thing about Logan, he doesn’t run and hide from trouble. He meets it. Head on. And usually, almost always, a lot of people die when they get in his way. Good fun.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero
and Damn the Dead

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