Book Review: Greg Pace’s PROJECT X-CALIBUR

I read Greg Pace’s Project X-Calibur in a few sittings. The taut tale is easy to get into and gripping enough to keep me turning pages.xcalibur

While it is very well written, with very 3-D characters, and an engaging plot, I felt it was a bit too Ender’s Game, with a splash of the (1984) movie, The Last Starfighter.

This is not a bad thing. Just for me, it was just similar enough that I kept thinking of / remembering the book and movie — and found that distracting.

Now — regardless, I enjoyed the Merlin and Knights of the Round Table aspect. I think the protagonist, Ben Stone is identifiable as someone we all wish we were like, or at the very least was like someone we wish we knew.

This book has earned 4 Stars. It IS well written. The dialogue is great. The action mostly occurs between training and tension among the Knights. The last 25 pages (of 249) are battle scenes (that also play out a little like Star Wars: A New Hope, but pretend I didn’t add that to the mix). Tweens will love the story, I think. I know I did. And if there are more in the series, I will give them a read as well!

–Phillip Tomasso
Author of The Vaccination Trilogy

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