Book Review: LIGHT IT UP, by Nick Petrie

Because I won a copy of Nick Petrie’s LIGHT IT UP on Goodreads, I went ahead and ordered the first two books in the Peter Ash series. It was a risk. What if I did not care for Petrie’s writing? I’d be stuck with three books I didn’t want to read. That’s what.

Thankfully, that is not what happened. In fact, quite the opposite occurred. I am now, after having read all three books in the series, a huge Nick Petrie fan. Huge. I hate comparing one author to another to make a point, but if you are a fan of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books, then do yourself a favor. Get in now on Petrie’s Peter Ash saga. There is a same basic –basic– concept. Former Marine home from war (Peter Ash), and ends up in dire situations where he puts his life on the line helping friends get out of very tight, deadly predicaments. What’s not to love?

In Light It Up, Ash becomes friends with Henry. Henry and his daughter run a niche business, Heavy Metal Protection. With the state legalization of cannabis, the problem for a variety of distribution and wholesale companies dealing with the weed is the proper transfer and deposit of earnings. Cannabis is still federally illegal. See where the problem stems from? (Stems … get it? Never mind).

When one of the delivery trucks is hit, and Henry’s son-in-law and operations manager –along with the truck, and the trucks valuable contents– go missing, Henry ash Ash for a favor. Henry wants Ash to come work for him, see if the two of them can figure out what’s what. When a week later they are on a deposit run with Henry, Ash, and four others inside the vehicle things go from bad to worse.

Too many people are dead. It becomes Ash’s sole purpose to find out what the heck is going on. The amount inside the truck at the time of the hit is not enough to raise enough eyebrows. So why was such a well-planned and calculated attack put into place?

The bad guys know Ash messed up the robbery attempt. The amount of dead have law enforcement sniffing around for answers. Worse, they have Ash doing more than sniffing around. With the help of his lover, June, and best friend, Lewis, Ash is piecing together all the parts of the puzzle. Once he can identify those responsible, he’ll attack. But will he get to them before THEY get to those closest to Ash?

It’s a fast, ruthless thriller. Taut, and compelling. The characters are defined, and believable, and like real people. (Like I would hang out with Ash and Lewis any given day). The dialogue is crisp, and authentic. The plot is tight, and the writing concise. I cannot wait for the next installment in what I am sure is going to go to be an amazing series.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero
and Damn the Dead

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