Book Review: NIGHT HERON, by Adam Brookes

I love a good spy novel. NIGHT HERON is a good spy novel. It is filled with code names, and secret names, politics, corporations, and secrets.

Li “Peanut” Huasheng spent twenty years as a prisoner in a Labor Reform Camp in the Qinghai Desert. Before that, he was an agent with British Intelligence. He was known as Windsock. He gathered and fed the agency information. Peanut put together a team of five (including himself) agents. Times changed. Things went south. Some moved on. Some died. Peanut beat a man nearly to death and was sent away.

Philip Mangan is a freelance journalist. He has a small team assisting him. His friends. Harvey works the camera, and Ting handles everything else. Their reporting borders on criminal activity . . . in Communist China. The work they put out puts their lives and their freedom at constant risk.

When Peanut escapes the Labor Reform Camp he wants his payout. He deserves something for the two decades he kept his mouth shut and just did his time. He contacts Mangan, confident the reporter has the necessary connections to stir up the pot.

Uncovering China’s secret missile plans, and cyber research, Peanut arms Mangan with a breaking story so good it is TOO GOOD TO WRITE. Involving the United Kingdom Secret Intelligence Service, Mangan finds himself submerged in an inescapable whirlpool of espionage and cover-ups! Exposing China is as dangerous as it gets, especially for those working against the government while still inside the country borders! The secrets China has kept hidden from the world will get him killed.

Like any good spy novel, there is no one you can trust. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, and there is no where you can run where the enemy can’t find you!

NIGHT HERON was a gripping read. The writing is terse, tense, compact. The characters are beautifully drawn. The plot … compelling!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero
and Assassin’s Promise

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