Book Review: POISON, by John Lescroart

Generally, not a fan of reading a book mid-series. Turns out, POISON is like … the 17th in the series? What? Let me put your mind at ease. I have never (and I have no idea why) read John Lescroart before, and I was able to read POISON without having read any of the other books in the series. Now, I can only imagine if you are already a Lescroart / Dismas Hardy fan (as I certainly am now), then you know what I am talking about. Right? Of course, right!

Dismas Hardy is an attorney thinking seriously about retiring. With a supportive wife, and two grown kids, the fact he has been shot four times in the last few years let him know maybe the time has finally arrived. However, when he gets a call that a former client is in jail for murder . . . his plans are put on hold.

Abby Jarvis is indicted by a Grand Jury and arrested for the suspected murder of her boss, Grant Wagner. Wagner had taken her in after she’d served time in prison, given her a job, and provided a stable life for her and her autistic daughter, Veronica. Abby claims innocence, and Hardy believes her.

The Wagner family is one of those that sounds simple, and close, and hardworking, and loving at first. With five kids, most of what he calls the G-Team, run his hardware store with him. The idea is to build interest and sell to one of the bigger chains. The family stands to rake in close to 100 million dollars.

Investigators Eric Waverly and Ken Yamashiro have full plates. After wrapping up the Wagner case they move on to another death. A guy shot twice, execution style. The victim, David Chang, has loose ties to Hardy’s son. When it looks like more lives are at risk, Hardy’s wife demands Hardy walk away from the law firm, insisting he give it all up.

With possibly more than one murderer on the loose, Hardy at one end, and Hardy’s son at the other, tensions build. The clues found only bring about more questions. No answers. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Hardy relies on his connections, and his Private Investigator Wyatt Hunt, to help him sort through the puzzle pieces . . . But will it be enough to figure out who killed who before anyone else winds up dead?

What was great about this book, about John Lescroart’s POISON is he has taken two of my favorite genres, Legal Thrillers, and Crime novels, and smooshed them into a one great tale. I have no idea if the other sixteen Dismas Hardy novels are like this one … but I know one way I can find out!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero
and Damn the Dead

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