Book Review: The Big Law, by Chuck Logan

The Big Law is the second book in the Phil Broker series. And while I loved the first book (The Price of Blood), The Big Law just blew me away.

It is about two years after The Price of Blood, and things have changed. Quite. A. Lot. Broker and his wife, Nina Pryce, find their marriage is on rocky ground. She is back in Bosnia, and Broker is home raising their child. Broker loves being a father. He just misses his wife. The fact he was in the military, is former P.D. and she is more than half his age and still active Army and surrounded by buff Rangers her age . . . Broker just tries not to think about it, and instead focuses on diaper changes, and daddy-daughter time. Living in the woods, in a place by Lake Superior, he has the land as his companion. Hunting. Fishing. Raising a daughter.

But then things go from somewhat hectic, to downright chaotic. He gets a call from his ex-wife, Caren. Her current husband (and Broker’s old partner, and ambitious friend), Keith Angland struck her. She needs his help. See, Broker might be retired from the military, and from the police department, but there was a time when he was something of a go-to-guy, you know, when you needed to have something . . . fixed. Maybe that was why she was calling him? Because, regardless of it never being okay to hit a woman, Caren kind got what she had coming to her, in Broker’s mind.

And then when chaotic almost sounds happy, and easy going, everything in Broker’s world gets turned upside down. A reporter in the middle of the mix. Angland knows his wife has been talking to Tom James. Angland’s career as an officer is about to get severed. They were responsible for protecting an informant who was planning to testify at up coming hearings. Italian Mob. Russian Mob. It’s in there. When the informant goes missing, and a tongue is delivered in a box to Special Agents, everyone knows there is a rat in the group. Someone gave Gorskli’s location up. And all roads are pointing at Angland.

Armed with two million packed in a suitcase, and a video recording of her husband, Caren is on the run. She and the reporter are headed to see Broker at his cabin in the woods. The problem? So is Angland. Things go from bad to worst when some end up shot, others dead, and others under arrest for the murder. Which leaves Broker to put together the pieces and figure out what’s what!

Absolutely fantastic. The Big Law –the twist at the end– just made me set the book down, sit back and say, “Ah-ha!” I mean,  I did that. For real. Isat back and said, “Ah-ha!” It caught me off guard.  Okay. As you may, or may not know, I am reading all of Chuck Logan’s Phil Broker books over the next few weeks. So stay tuned for more soon!

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