Book Review: The Blood of Brothers

The Blood of Brothers, by Domino Finn, is the second installment in the Sycamore Moon series. You can read my review of The Seventh Sons here. The back cover of The Blood of Brothers gives a synopsis of the novel, and reads:th

In the bucolic town of Sanctuary, a body is strung up to a tree outside the local high school. The only thing more shocking than the crime is its heinous nature: the mysterious victim has been skinned and drained of all his blood.

Detective Maxim Dwyer knows the murder is a message, but who it’s from is not so clear. The few clues he has point to his friends, the Seventh Sons Motorcycle Club. Diego de la Torre is part of that pack now, but brotherhood comes at a price when blood is spilled. Meanwhile, Kayda Garnett returns home with a college degree to find her family torn apart by the same tragedy. Only half-Yavapai, she is considered an outsider, but finding a peaceful alternative to the violence may finally win her the respect of the tribe.

Despite best laid plans, California bikers incite a gang war, the FBI undermines local police, and vigilantes take the fight to the streets. What starts out as a simple murder may soon run Sanctuary red with the blood of brothers.
I loved the first book in the series. I know I was anxious for the second. Unfortunately, I read the book in two days. I am now faced with the same anxiety. I am hoping Finn does not make me wait too long for a third in the series.

The Blood of Brothers is a equally as compelling as The Seventh Sons. Domino Finn just amazes me with his storytelling. His characters are so well-defined, I know them. I know each and every one. The plot is intense and clever. With multiple motorcycle clubs, FBI involvement, the Marshalls, and Sycamore’s only detective Maxim Dwyer. . . there is a lot going on.

There are Murders. Planted bodies. Family rivals. Gang rivals, drug and weapons smuggling . . . it’s all in there. Oh, and there are werewolves. I want to be clear about the werewolves. They do not take away from a gritty detective novel. There is nothing cheesy about the creatures. They add a complex layer of intrigue and paranormal to the book. It is like a Sons of Anarchy novel with wolves. Domino Finn is quickly becoming one of my top authors, and I will always have my eye out for a new release.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Damn the Dead and Blood River

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