Book Review: The Terminal List, by Jack Carr

The Terminal List is a debut military thriller by former Navy SEAL, Jack Carr. And it is an explosive debut at that! With Mitch Rapp flavor, I found this novel impossible to put down.

The storyline is straight forward, although there is nothing simple, or simplistic about the plot. When a Team of SEALS are sent on a mission, the Lieutenant Commander James Reece knows something about the entire operation does not feel right. Sent into Afghanistan, the SEALS are ambushed. Rangers, aircrew, and SEALS are slaughtered. Reece and one other are the only survivors.

When Reece realizes there is more to the ambush than meets the eye he starts digging for answers. What he unearths is worse than he could have ever imagined. His own country had betrayed him and his men. A new drug to combat PTSD is being rushed to market. Those in the know stand to make billions. The side effects are being kept hush-hush, and those impacted eliminated. Armed with the information, it becomes clear Reece cannot be left alive to tell the talle.

Failed attempts at silencing Reece forever fail, giving the Lt. Commander that much more mental ammunition to bring the conspiracy down. Reece generates a long list of participants that must be killed. And then, he methodically does that –sets out to kill each and everyone responsible. Armed with amazing allies, Reece does his best to keep close friend out of trouble, out of harm’s way, as he utilizes their assistance to complete his own personal vendetta/revenge mission!

He doesn’t have long. Reece knows he is dying. All he wants is to kill every last one involved before his own demise. Will he have the time, and the strength, and the ability to do what needs to be done?

The Terminal List is absolutely riveting! Carr’s experience and expertise shine on each and every page. Despite the technical aspects of military talk, and weapons, Carr’s writing keeps it clean, clear and concise. The action from the start never lets up, and the suspense only builds and builds. The twists blindside the reader, while the compelling storytelling keeps that reader surging forward! I was blindsided. I surged forward, and I wish there was already another book in the series!  **Pre Order ONLY. Book Due Out March 6, 2018 **

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Assassin’s Promise,
and Damn the Dead

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