Book Review: WHITE PEAK, by Ronan Frost

White Peak is the first book I have ever read by either Ronan Frost or Steven Savile. It definitely starts out like a James Rollins, or Matther Reilly novel — as toted by the publisher.

The opening chapter is shocking. It pulls the reader right in. You immediately like and root for the main character, Ryerson McKenna. The curiosity behind the tale increases as readers are introduced to a mystical man. Greg Rask is dying. He has a map. The cure for his illness is out there.

Rask has put together a team. They will venture out on together with the hope of finding ancient answers that will prove beneficial to Rask, and others. Their journey starts with a bang. There are more people interested in finding what has been hidden.

The initial hunt has now become a dangerous race. Rye and his team have their work cut out for them. The truth has protectors. Those charged with keeping secrets safe will stop at nothing to ensure the safety and success of the what is hidden.

While the book takes some unexpected twists and turns at the end, I am overall thrilled with the tale. Frost’s writing is concise and smooth. He crafted a cool team of characters, and a likable hero in Rye. I look forward to exploring more books written by Frost (and perhaps more in this series — if there is time for more to happen, that is . . . )

Phillip Tomasso
Author of the crime novel YOU CHOOSE
and the supernatural horror novel WOMAN IN THE WOODS

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