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Three Easy Steps to Becoming a Published Author

In my newest blog/vlog, I talk about Three Easy Steps to Becoming a Published Author. And the title is so misleading. There is nothing easy about becoming an author. There are, however, steps you can take to ensure you are at least on the right path! I am going to ignore all of the obvious […]

Book Review: Blindspots

I have been something of a long time fan of David Sakmyster.  He writes in an array of genres, smoothly transitioning from one to the other without missing a beat. BLINDSPOTS is the first psychological thriller I have ever read by him, and the best I can say is I was blown away, not just […]

Writing Is Like Having A Baby

Writing a novel is about telling a story; about creating characters and making them real, three-dimensional. The process, I assume, is a lot like pregnancy. You spend months and months getting ready for the manuscript to be completed. You worry about it while you are writing. You try to feed your imagination with with relevant […]