Wizards' Wars Draft 4
WIZARD’S WAR (Book 2: A Severed Empire Series)
Sinister Grin Press
June 1, 2016
ISBN 10: 1533392617
ISBN 13: 978-1533392619

The realms across land and sea must unify if there is any hope of stopping the Mountain King, however, time is not on their side. Mykal and his small band of friends must warn King Nabal, the Mountain King will surely move forces against Grey Ashland and the rest of the Old Empire. This fight will involve more than knights, and swords; Magic has become the weapon of choice. New to his craft, Mykal is unsure of his ability to combat during war as a wizard.

Unfortunately, the War is no longer coming. The War has arrived!

Book 2 of the Severed Empire series.

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Beavis the Book Head Reviews

“‘Wizard’s War’ is a straightforward and really enjoyable quest-style fantasy that features engaging characters, a good pace and an exciting story line. If you enjoyed the first book then I think you will enjoy this one even more. Fans of Raymond E. Feist’s ‘Magician’ trilogy will also find plenty to enjoy here. With book three ‘Queens of Osiris’ coming soon, I will be interested to see where this one goes next.” — Adrian Shotbolt, Beavis the Book Head Reviews

“This book made me want more! Excellent writing with good pacing – Mr. Tomasso’s descriptions are so vivid you almost feel like you are there in the realm …. The battle scenes are so descriptive & the surprise guests that helped the battles were wonderful additions.. If I have any complaints, it would be the overabundance and use of spiders which I really don’t like 🙂 Other than that, it was an excellent followup & I can not wait for book 3 to see where it takes Mykal!” — SGU, Reviewer

“All the world-building work of the first book pays off well in this book. The politics are just complex enough to be interesting without being overwhelming … I like the pirates and sea battles. More pirates!” – Reviewer

“Good drama requires strong self-convinced villains, and the villains of this piece nearly steal the show, to my thunderous applause. Strong world-building and great pacing.” – Reviewer