DamntheDead cover

Severed Press: December 2015
ISBN-10: 1925225402
ISBN-13: 978-1925225402

*Damn The Dead marks the beginning of an exciting new stand-alone series from Phillip Tomasso and takes place some 3 years after the conclusion of the best-selling Vaccination Trilogy.

Even in the heat of the zombie apocalypse, a time must come to rebuild.

Charlene McKinney and her friends are on the run in the mountain ranges of North Carolina. They’ve stolen an 18 wheeler filled with food and supplies and the brutal gang they stole the vehicle from won’t give up until they get back what belongs to them.

The band of survivors stumble across Arcadia, a fortified town erected deep in a valley. There is food, shelter and electricity. Arcadia is fully functional as a community. They offer employment, have a fire department, peace officers, and a judge. The welcome sign posted by the front entrance boasts 3 simple laws for citizenship. No stealing. No fighting. No murder.

Seeking sanctuary within the walls of Arcadia seems like the perfect place to hide. But in Arcadia, if you break the law you will find yourself damned with the dead.

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“Tomasso has launched the zombie genre in a new and exciting direction. A new category is going to be needed for this awesome book. Phillip does it yet again. I LOVE his latest dark and intense novel … It has left me breathless,” –Mike Evans, The Orphans

“An unflinching post-apocalyptic trek into uncharted territory, and a must-read for fans of not only this genre, but any genre. Palpable tension drips from every page, so intense you don’t even notice the absence of zombies until it’s too late and your’re caught up in their midst. Great set up and I can’t wait to see where Tomasso takes us next.” –David Sakmyster, author of Jurassic Dead and Blindspots

“Excellent start to a new series. Phillip Tomasso has a fresh and different view on the zombie Armageddon How does civilization stick together after the world’s collapsed? Full of action and zombies. Damn the Dead is a great read!” –Allen Gamboa, author of Dead Island: Operation Zulu

“Phillip Tomasso leads you on a never-slowing, heart-pounding, adrenaline-rushing adventure that will stick with you LONG after you finish the book. This racing adventure with unforgettable characters sets a new standard for zombie fiction of all kinds. I cannot wait for the next installment. It’s not a simple want, it’s a NEED to know what happens next! “–Kya Aliana, author of The Sly Darkness series


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