Co-Authors: Phillip Tomasso (father) & Phillip Tomasso (son)
Publisher: Severed Press
February 2015
ISBN-10: 192522578X
ISBN-13: 978-1925225785

“The Tomassos do a masterful job of balancing all the aspects of this outstanding step forward in vampire fiction. The character development is superb, offering you a new group of friends that you will fall in love with as well as some terrible villains you will hate forever…Young Blood is a heart-pounding, blood-curdling read guaranteed to keep your eyes glued to the pages until all hours of the night!” –Kya Aliana, author of The Vampiress Trilogy

There is no escaping war when ancient evil haunts the present . . .

Madison Young and her friends go to a parking lot carnival. That same night she is found with her throat mangled. When she wakes up in the hospital, she has no memory of any attack. The cravings start immediately. They confuse and frighten her, but she cannot deny them.

As she starts remembering fragments from that night, she realizes more than just her life had been in danger–an unspeakable evil has tethered children to the inside of a trailer. Learning secret truths about her past, Madison is determined to track down the traveling carnival. Time is of the essence and sacrifices will have to made if she wants to save the stolen children.

Her new found strength and abilities make her a perfect fit for a nightbreed of deadly and unlikely heroes. If she joins The Nightbreed will she find answers to her mounting questions? More importantly, will she find purpose for the creature she’s become?

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