Netflix Movie Review: Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer, released September 2013, is appropriately Rated R. The 93 minute film directed and co-written by Henry Saine, stars Matthew Marsden. I watched this movie, not expecting much. In fact, just the opposite really, I expected cheesy and lame. Love it when I am wrong (sometimes, lol). BountyKiller2013

Think Mad Max, meets Quentin Tarantino. Bounty Killer opens in the midst of an apocalypse brought on the globe by greedy corporations, (villains in gun-metal blue suits, white pressed shirts and sunlight yellow neckties). A Counsel of Nine has been created by the people. It is the only way to fight back against the Corporations still reeking havoc on a clearly dying society. The Counsel sets up a force of bounty killers and uses them to track down CEO’s and business big wigs now Wanted for all the wrong doings, and injustices they have caused and allowed to spill out over the continents.

The bounty killers are very similar to bounty hunters, except those on the posters are Wanted dead. Not alive. Like any Wanted system, the bigger the corporate leader, the more the bounty. The killers are treated like celebrities. Media-made-famous, and loved by the people. The killers make a difference, setting out to right all the wrongs. That is, until the Counsel puts out a bounty on Drifter (Marsden), who is one of the most famous killers of them all. And all Marsden wants to do is reach the Counsel and plead his case, despite being repeatedly warned that he will be shot and killed before ever entering the Counsel.

In a race from point A to point B, Drifter is joined by a small band of friends, like his newest gun caddy (Barak Hardley), and the number one bounty killer, Mary Death (Christian Pitre). It is a dangerous trek across the radioactive badlands; facing the Gypsies–a formidable group of cannibalistic bounty killers with agendas against Mary Death and Drifter.

Other stars in the film include Gary Busey as Van Sterling, Beverly D’Angelo as Lucielle, and Eve Jeffers as Mocha Sukata. Filled with some great action, credible dialogue, creative blood and gore killings, sexy women and a compelling plot, I enjoyed Bounty Killer very much. There was still some cheesieness to it, but I did not find anything lame. I did not play with my phone, and while not as classic a film as Mad Max, it was nearly parallel in storyline.  I am giving Bounty Killer 4 out of 5 Tombstones!

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