Netflix Movie Review: Killing Season

Killing Season (Rated R) is written by Evan Daughtry (Divergent and Snow White and the Huntsman) and directed by Mark Steven Johnson (Ghost Rider movies). The 91 minute 220px-Killing_Season_film_posterfilm stars two of my favorites, Robert DeNiro and John Travolta.

During the war in Bosnia, DeNiro (portraying Benjamin Ford) and his platoon stumble on a Serbian soldiers who have decimated a village. They’ve raped the women and killed the men and children. Taking the law into their own hands they form a firing squad and take-out the opposing soldiers, shooting them in the back of the head. Travolta’s character (Emil Kovac) is one of those Serbian soldiers. Only he was left for dead.

Angry, Kovac spends his life trying to track down the American soldiers responsible for the firing squad. Ford is a recluse. His marriage went to hell after the war. He barely knows his son. He lives in the mountians in a remote cabin and lives off the land.

While on his way into town, Ford’s Jeep breaks down. Kovac, posing as a hiker on vacation, assists Ford with getting the Jeep started. They go back to Ford’s cabin and share dinner, and talk. Before long, it is clear that Kovac is there seeking revenge. Throughout, the two go at each other, back and forth. First Kovac has the upper hand. Then Ford. The torture they pour out is barbaric, and intense. (It almost is comical the cat-and-mouse game, if it weren’t so brutal).

Basically, Kovac wants a confession. Ford wants to leave the past in the past. It seems like the only way this will resolve is if one of them dies — and they way they go at it, death seems highly likely!

Killing Season was . . . good. I enjoyed it. It could be because of the actors, though. I am not sure. I do know I did not play with my phone during it. It held my interest. I could not wait to see what would happen next. It was neither actor’s best film, not by a long shot. But it was solid for a thriller. The story was interesting. Seeing each soldier’s different point of view was interesting. I give Killing Season 4 out of 5 Tombstones!

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