Netflix Movie Review: The Skeleton Twins

So I went to Netflix and saw that the Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader movie, The Skeleton Twins was recently added. I remember when they made the circuit promoting the film. I made myself a frozen pizza dinner and settled in on the The_Skeleton_Twins_postersofa. I figured with Wiig and Hader, Luke Wilson and Ty Burrell, I was in for fun. A little SNL style humor. Quirky and entertaining.

**There may be plot spoilers in my review. Be advised.**

Saturday Night Live humor? Ah, no. I had no idea that this would be a depressing film from start to finish. Milo (Hader), is a suicidal homosexual. Maggie (Wiig), his twin sister, is a suicidal married woman who is promiscuous. After Milo attempts killing himself, the hospital contacts Maggie. It has been ten years since they’ve seen each other. She moves her brother back to New York with her, while he gets back on his feet.

wiigLance (Wilson) is Maggie’s husband. Great guy. He welcomes Milo into their home. Gives him a job, and takes care of Maggie with lots of love and attention. He is all around enthusiastic about their marriage, and the fact they are now trying for children. This shocks Milo, since Maggie has always said she would never have kids. Maggie is unable to communicate truthfully, and instead keeps her feelings and activities a secret, buried from her husband which could ultimately destroy her marriage.

Their father died when they were fourteen. He had been the backbone of the family. The mother (who we meet for dinner one night), is a non-existent parent who puts all of her own needs ahead of her children. The loss of their father hits them hard. Both apparently spent a lot of time in counseling.

As brother and sister work at re-establishing a lost bond, events from the past come to light. Neither are equipped to deal with things. They refuse to open up to each other. They fight over things when it is obvious they hate themselves.  They both have a screwed up sense of what a relationship is,hader or should be, or how to keep one.

There are many funny moments. However, overall the film is dark, depressing, and impacting. I give The Skeleton Twins 5 out of 5 Stars for sure. I will admit, as much as I love Wiig and Hader, I was surprised by the level of acting, and emotion they put into these roles. Impressed. They showed some serious diversity as actors. If for that reason alone, the five stars. The story was good. I love a Dysfunctional Family Film as much as the next guy (Silver Lining Playbook is a perfect example –one of my favorite romantic comedies. At least that’s what I call it).

The movie just kind of ends after the “climax.” It’s all about the fish I suppose. They make everything all right.

Phillip Tomasso,
Author of Damn the Dead, and Extinction

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