ONLY EVER YOU, by Rebecca Drake (Book Review)

Rebecca Drake
St. Martin’s Griffin
Trade Paperback – July 2019

Rebecca Drake’s ONLY EVER YOU is a creepy thriller. It is one of those books that keeps the reader off-balance. Each chapter seems only to swirl around the puzzle pieces. It isn’t until the last fifty pages or so when those pieces start fitting together. And when the elusive picture becomes clear . . . it is both shocking and unexpected!

When Sophia goes missing on the playground, Jill Lassiter’s world begins to unravel. (As a parent this was always one of the things I feared most. One of my kids getting abducted). The police begin a frantic search. Thankfully, during the panic, Sophia reappears from the nearby woods unharmed.

Unharmed, except for an odd mark on her skin. It is almost as if Jill’s daughter had been poked with a needle.

While getting their daughter back was clearly an answered prayer for both Jill and her husband, David, Jill’s suffering has only just begun.

When Sophia goes missing a second time, the police suspect the parents. All clues point in their direction. When past circumstances come to light, it almost seems open and shut. Aren’t the parents always the most likely suspects when something happens to a child?

Jill must dig for answers and find the truth. Her freedom isn’t the only thing riding on answers. Her daughter’s life depends on it!

I loved the way Drake spun the tale. She has a clean, crisp writing style. The chapters are taut. The dialogue genuine. There was a constant sense of dread and anxiety with the reading of each sentence. This just made the tension grow and grow and grow. I absolutely loved the novel, and I will absolutely be checking out the other books written by Rebecca Drake.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of the crime novel, YOU CHOOSE
and the supernatural thriller, WOMAN IN THE WOODS

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