Things Slip Through . . . is solid!

by Kevin Lucia
by Kevin Lucia

Things Slip Through
Kevin Lucia
Crystal Lake Publishing
309 Pages
ISBN: 978-0-9921707-0-7
Price: TBD

I’ve known Kevin for a few years now. Four? Maybe five? We met because
of our shared interest in writing, and of perhaps one day writing a best
seller. Separated by just under 200 miles, we’ve met only once. I will start by
saying I am not a short-story reader. I do not care for anthologies. Nothing against them, other than when I sit down to read, I prefer a novel. With that said, I had no idea that really — really — Things Slip Through, is a collection of short stories cleverly camouflaged as a novel.

What am I talking about? How could a collection of short stories possibly be
masked to resemble a novel? Is there really an author out there that could have
fooled me? Like, have me 200 pages into a 309 page . . . novel . . . before I
slap the heel of my hand to my forehead and think, “Kevvvvvin!” Here’s what we’re
dealing with, and I want to reiterate this deception was masterfully done. Masterfully!

Welcome to the small town of Clifton Heights. East of Rochester. Well, east of Syracuse,
too, but also east of Rochester (where I am from). Chris has been the sheriff
for just under two years. He’s made some good friends. Tuesdays are poker
night. On this particular Tuesday, after Ellen Danver shows up and instructs
Chris to stop looking for her missing son, to just cancel the investigation . .
. Chris knows it is time to not ask, but demand answers from his friends.

Weird things continually happen around town. Rarely are there any answers. It’s
at the Skylark Diner where Gavin, one of the Tuesday night poker players,
agrees to meet and answer the sheriff’s questions as best as possible. This
being better than nothing, Chris readies himself for the meeting.

Gavin explains that all the disappearances, the oddities, are things that can’t
be reported; cases that can’t be solved. Basically, it is what it is. This,
naturally, is not good enough for the sheriff. Gavin produces a binding of
writings that are sure to explain it all, or . . . not at all. It is through a
series of short-stories, written by Gavin, that the truth about Clifton
Heights’ dark secrets is revealed. The stories involve bad and strange and
peculiar events that happened to people in town. And sometimes, re-happened to
people in town, but differently from the way they happened the first time. (You
follow? No? Exactly!) Back and forth occurs between Gavin and the Sheriff at
the end (or just before the beginning) of the next short tale.

This is why Kevin had me tricked into thinking this was a novel. I cared about all of the characters introduced. Was sucked in to each of their stories. Loved how they all revolved around Clifton Heights. All contained similar elements. Seemed like it had all been written in one sitting!

I turned pages so fast, anxious to see what would happen next. Anxious to see
what else Gavin and Chris discussed. Was dying to find out what the deep dark
secrets were behind Brassler Road and the Brassler House, and could not wait to
learn why Ellen Danver’s no longer wanted police involvement for finding her
missing child!

Violent and gritty, mysterious and frightening, Lucia spins out a consistent
stream of tight prose. Constant tension and ever-building suspense, I could not
put the book down. It might be a collection of short stories – might sell as a
collection of short stories. I figured it out! Don’t let Kevin Lucia or the publisher fool you. Don’t be tricked. This, Things Slip Through, is an amazing NOVEL.

I don’t recommend books often. You want something different? Something very well-written, entertaining, and scary? You know where I’m going with this? I think you do. Come November, when the book is released, add Things Slip Through to your list of books to read! You won’t regret it!

As always, with love,

Phillip Tomasso

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