Severed Press will be publishing my zombie novel, VACCINATION, as well as two more novels in the Vaccination Trilogy.

I am not used to moving this fast. Publishing has taught me the hurry-up-and-wait mentality. Generally, this is generally, once a manuscript is accepted for publication, it takes anywhere from a year to sometimes two years before the book is available for sale. One, sometimes two years!

Since signing the contract, Severed Press has assigned an editor to VACCINATION. Ideas were gathered for the book cover (one concept submitted by my oldest son, another I submitted, what the press actually comes up with — we’ll have to wait and see). There has already some back and forth with re-writes, edits and corrections. Both the editor and I put in grueling amounts of time to conquer the task quickly and effectively. Of course, I’d like to think the manuscript was in . . . pretty good shape when I submitted it. Even with that said, Severed Press’ editor took what I’d done, and tightened the tale up nicely.

I was informed early this morning (0100 my time — I am not sure what time it was in Austrailia. Yes, that is where Severed Press is operated out of. Down Under. Nice), that VACCINATION is — get this — scheduled for a late September release. That’s September 2013. And the second novel in the trilogy, EVACUATION, is set to be released prior to Christmas . . . No word yet on when the third novel will be released (and thank goodness, since at this point it is a mere draft).

Hopefully I will have more details to share soon, like cover artwork, ISBNs and more . . . in the meantime, I highly suggest you swing by Severed Press’ website and check out the horde of talented authors writing some of the best horror fiction today!


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  1. Congrats! It is amazing how fast the smaller houses can move. Part of it’s the technology, especially POD, but I think the greater part is their lean nimble structure. My publisher (Synergebooks) schedules (albeit rather softly) out for a year, but the actual work to get a book from galley stage to e-book takes ~6 weeks and most of that is spent on the cover art. Makes you wonder how long the stodgy old big guys can hold on.

    1. Armen, same here. Usually, like the blog said, it’s takes months on top of months. I am not sure why Severed Press moves so fast. I have mixed feelings about it. But we’re going to fast to spend too much time questioning it. What calms my nerves is the fact they’ve been around a long time, publish some of the top horror writers, and are known for excellence, internationally. And now — I am in their family. No complaints!

    1. Craig from the Bronx — Thank you for stopping by! VACCINATION is doing very, very well. I hope you will give it a read. In the Horror Genre — I have some extrememly exciting news coming. Will release it soon. So stop back, often 🙂

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