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Has it really been a year since my last novel was released?  ABSOLUTE ZERO, November 2017. Yeah, a year. Wow.

It’s not that I’ve been slacking. Because I haven’t, but the thing is I almost gave up writing. I know, crazy, right? I have 26 published novels. Why quit?

I figured out the problem and it was almost too late to fix. You see, when I started out writing novels in 2000, I wrote suspense-thrillers. They were set in Rochester, NY. I won some small awards, and started making a name for myself.

And then my marriage fell apart. At that point I stepped away from writing.

After some doing, I got my life back in order. I got things situated, and got myself writing again. Only this time I branched out. I started writing in the horror, science fiction, and fantasy genres.

While I loved the ride, I missed my roots. The depressing thing was I didn’t think I could get back to those roots. Even though I had been working on a new manuscript for several months, a crime novel, I was worried I would not be able to finish.

I made a deal with myself last year. If I couldn’t sell the new crime novel, then I was done. Quitting. Giving writing up for good. What did my mind do in retaliation? It stopped letting me write the new book. If I never finished the story, I couldn’t not sell it. Therefore, I couldn’t quit my author job.

Something clicked. Can’t put my finger on what. I bought a house. I got a dog. Everyday looked better than the last. I sat down to write. And I wrote. And in no time at all, I finished the manuscript. There is a lot more behind the dreams and desires I and goals I placed on me.

Bottom line, I signed a contract with a new small press. They wanted both the manuscript I’d completed, and the next in the series. The first book will be released in 2019. Want to know more about it?

YOU CHOOSE, A Falcone and Richards Thriller:

There is a serial cop killer on the loose.

The killer takes the officer’s family hostage. What happens next is simple. The officer will die. No way around that. Of the two people that officer loves most, one will live, the other will die. The decision is up to the officer. It is their choice.

Homicide Investigators Vincent Falcone and Farrah Richards catch the case. A team is assembled where every effort is made for catching the psychopath before the next murders.

The killer makes mistakes, almost as if getting caught doesn’t matter.

When the pattern to the killings becomes clear, the team has no time to spare if they want to save lives and catch the one responsible for so many sinister deaths!

Click if you’d like to read the first few chapters of YOU CHOOSE.

Alright folks! I plan on doing a series of new blogs complete with giveaways, a book cover reveal, and a launch party when YOU CHOOSE is released!

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Take care, and God bless!

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  1. I read the book “tease”. I love it !!!! Can’t wait for it to come out. So glad you continued writing and in this genre.

  2. I have a question though it’s unrelated to this new book…I’m wondering if you have any idea when the next book in Damn The Dead will be completed? I read every one of the books you wrote in the vaccination trilogy and immediately picked up the sequel series as I thoroughly enjoyed the first series. ..I’m glad you decided to continue writing you’ve got an enormous amount of talent.

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