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While I am not a new author, I am new to the fantasy genre. Mirror Matter Press took a chance on my latest fantasy young adult saga. In February 2016, WIZARD’S RISE, was released. This was the first in a duology.

In WIZARD’S RISE, a war is coming. There is no way to prevent it. The only thing for certain is that there will be one loser. . .and one winner.

For over two hundred years the Rye Empire enforced drastic measures outlawing the use of magic. To Wizard_s_Rise_PB2 (The Cover)avoid capture a handful of remaining Wizards escaped royal persecution and made it into hiding. Shortly after the decree the empire crumbled, but the laws remained in place. . .

The Mountain King’s ambitions of becoming the next Emperor will be realized. With forced help from an enslaved sorceress, he will stop at nothing until he achieves his dreams. The easiest path to victory can be obtained by retrieving buried talismans. With those enchanted items in his possession he can summon the Wizards, steal, and harness their power.

In an effort to save the Old Empire from a growing, sinister magic, seventeen-year-old farmboy, Mykal, and five friends begin a desperate journey. They must collect the talismans before the Mountain King. Their trek will force Mykal to face fears, and accept truths he’d never known existed. There isn’t much time. A war is coming. Their chances of winning will depend on whether they succeed or not. If they fail, a terrible darkness will steal the light from the Grey Ashland Realm. . .forever.

At over 100,000 words (and over 400 pages long), WIZARD’S RISE ends with a cliffhanger. In June, 2016, Mirror Matter Press released the second book in the duology, WIZARD’S WAR. This book picks up right where WIZARD’S RISE left off. Only, the dark action is non-stop and incorporated an additional 100,000 words, and 400 pages.

In WIZARD’S WAR, the War is no longer coming. The War has arrived!

Wizards' Wars Draft 4The realms across land and sea must unify if there is any hope of stopping the Mountain King, however, time is not on their side. Mykal and his small band of friends must warn King Nabal, the Mountain King will surely move forces against Grey Ashland and the rest of the Old Empire. This fight will involve more than knights, and swords; Magic has become the weapon of choice. New to his craft, Mykal is unsure of his ability to combat during war as a wizard.

Coming this November is the third book in the Severed Empire series. Like all subsequent books, it is a stand-alone, telling a complete story from start to finish. (Of course, segments will give way to future tales, and introduce additional characters bound to return). QUEENS OF OSIRIS tales place two years after the war has ended.

In QUEENS OF OSIRIS, after the demise of the Mountain King, Hermon Cordillera’s daughters have QoO_Frontstepped up and share the throne as queens of the Osiris Realm. But when women go missing from the kingdom they are unable to find whoever is responsible for the growing number of abductions. . .


Mykal, the young wizard, continues honing his magical skills with his mother, and his tactical training with Blodwyn, his oldest friend. Living in secret within the ancient library ruins, they are surprised when a young woman shows up asking them for help.

Mykal and Blodwyn return to Cordillera’s castle, this time as allies. Tasked with unraveling the mystery, they soon realize there isn’t much evidence pointing in any direction. They are ill prepared for the untold dangers that await them. It will come down to more than Mykal’s magic if they hope to survive, and if they want to resolve the case of Osiris’ abducted people.

I do hope people will jump in and give the Severed Empire novels a chance. While categorized as Young Adult Fantasy Fiction, the books are meant for readers of any age. Between the pages there is magic, dragons, pirates, and other fantastical creatures. The adventures within the realms created are endless. And, hopefully, timeless.

Is there more to come, you ask? I would say, Yes. I am loving the process of writing fantasy. This may be a genre I can build a home in. You can look for the below titles in 2017 from Mirror Matter Press:

ASSASSIN’S PROMISE (Book 4) – A Stand-Alone Severed Empire Novel
DRAGON’S CRY (Book 5) – A Stand-Alone Severed Empire Novel

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