JAY WALKER: The Case of the Missing Action Figure
Phillip Tomasso
Good Pony Ride Press
October 2016

Jay Walker, an average and simple fourth grade student.  He likes to brown-bag his lunch, prefers his PB & J sandwich cut diagonally, with the crusts cut off.  All of that changes when Benny, a kid Jay’s known since preschool, comes to him for help.  Daisy Flyer’s been kidnapped.  A ransom note’s been left behind.  Since Jay’s dad is a police officer, Benny is certain Jay can solve the crime.

But who is Daisy Flyer?  She’s a two-foot tall action figure from a once-popular science fiction movie.  If the demands of the ransom note aren’t met, the whole school is going to learn that Benny plays with dolls. What does the kid, er-uh, doll-napper want? in return? Benny’s Princess Migloo Alien-evolving trading card–one of the most rare and powerful cards in the game.

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