When a recon becomes a rescue there is nothing absolute!

Earth, a desolate wasteland.  is now run by the Corporations from space stations off planet . . . A colony of thirty-three people are part of a compound set up on Neptune. Their objective is mining the planet surface for natural resources. When a distress signal reaches Euphoric Enterprises on the Nebula Way Station, the Eclipse is immediately dispatched to investigate.

The crew of the Eclipse has no idea what they were getting themselves into. When they reach Neptune, and send out a shuttle party, they hope they can find the root cause behind the alarm. Nothing is ever simple. Something sinister lies in wait for them on Neptune. The mission quickly goes from an investigation into a rescue operation.

The young crew from the Eclipse now finds themselves in the fight of their lives!

Phillip Tomasso
Severed Press
November 5, 2017
Military / Sci-fi / Horror

*Available from Amazon for Kindle, in Paperback, and coming soon in Audio


Absolute Zero is classic sci-fi terror in space.”—Simon Wood, USA Today bestselling author of The One That Got Away

Absolute Zero is an outright sci-fi thrill ride that doesn’t let up from the beginning. Tomasso has zeroed in on the perfect blend of supreme action with the foreboding helplessness of the darkest reaches of space. A non-stop page-turner that’s sure to satisfy the need for epic sci-fi adventure.” —Michelle Garza, Co-author of Bram Stoker nominated Mayan Blue

“Reminiscent of Alien, once Tomasso’s Neptune gets up to speed, it’s a head-down charge to a satisfying conclusion.” —Shawn Chesser, Author of the Zombie Apocalypse Series

“Great storytelling from the first paragraph. People say a book is hard to put down, but don’t mean it. I mean it. This one was hard to put down!” Jake Bible, Author of Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter and Z-Burbia.  

“A pulse-pounding sci-fi horror novel, Philip Tomasso’s ABSOLUTE ZERO takes readers on a thrilling journey to the surface of the Solar System’s outermost planet, where dark dangers lurk outside a mining colony. A corporate mission to salvage the operation soon turns lethal, leaving Captain Anara Meyers to wrestle with situations she never expected to find herself in. Meanwhile, a crew of space pirates, seeing an opportunity to loot the colony, lingers nearby. While the book has no shortage of horror thrills and action scenes, it also features some fantastic sci-fi world-building and poignant character moments… not to mention a refreshing number of well-drawn, prominent women characters in positions of leadership. If you like the darker side of sci-fi, I highly recommend you give this one a read.” —Mary Fan, Critically Acclaimed sci-fi author of the Jane Colt series

“Aptly titled, Absolute Zero, will chill your spine. An amazing contribution to the military Science Fiction Genre! Action, running, gunning and plenty of alien monsters to keep readers at the edge of their seat. If you enjoy space marine adventures with all the blood and guts included, then buy this book.” WJ Lundy, Author of Donovan’s War and the Invasion Trilogy

“Phillip Tomasso pens a fast paced sci-fi novel, full of alien landscapes, and far off worlds. But it is so much more than that as he delves into the personalities that comprise the crews of the Eclipse and Cutlass as they do all in their power to save each other from the extreme weather and a hostile race that wants nothing more than their demise. If you’re looking for action and a thought provoking, gripping read, you need not venture any farther!” —Mark Tufo, Author of the award winning Zombie Fallout series

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