Of the two you love most one will live, one will die. The decision is yours. You choose!

There is a serial cop killer on the loose.

The killer takes the officer’s family hostage. What happens next is simple. The officer will die. No way around that. Of the two people that officer loves most, one will live, the other will die. The decision is up to the officer. It is their choice.

Homicide Investigators Vincent Falcone and Farrah Richards catch the case. A team is assembled. Every effort is made for catching the psychopath before the next murders.

The killer makes mistakes. It is almost as if getting caught doesn’t matter.

When the pattern to the killings becomes clear, the team has no time to spare if they want to save lives

YOU CHOOSE, Falcone & Richards Thrillers Book 1
Phillip Tomasso
Creativia Publishing
Winter 2018
Mystery / Suspense / Thriller / Crime

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Sample YOU CHOOSE (first three chapters)

FIRST THREE CHAPTERS OF YOU CHOOSE: PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY Of the two you love most, one will live and one will die. The decision is yours. YOU CHOOSE A Falcone & Richards Thriller By Phillip Tomasso   Prologue The contemporary two-story house sat at the top of a slight hill. Lights inside were off. […]

Welcome to the Crime Scene!

Has it really been a year since my last novel was released?  ABSOLUTE ZERO, November 2017. Yeah, a year. Wow. It’s not that I’ve been slacking. Because I haven’t, but the thing is I almost gave up writing. I know, crazy, right? I have 26 published novels. Why quit? I figured out the problem and […]

Book Review: CLOUDBOUND, by Fran Wilde

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