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Hello, my friends!

Although there has been a lot of complaining during 2016, and yes, we lost some truly talented and iconic celebrities, but I wanted to take a brief moment and re-cap the wonderful year I have had. The success is because of my friends, my family, my readers, and to all those who have had faith in my work.

In 2015, I’d signed on with a new Sci-fi/Fantasy publisher. Mirror Matter Press. They are the sister company to the renowned Sinister Grin Press. So I had confidence going in, signing on the dotted line, that I’d made an informed decision. Happily, I am thrilled nearly a year later, to be part of this growing family filling fast with so many talented authors.

So, when February rolled around, MMP released the first in my Severed Empire series, WIZARD’S RISE. Shortly after, on June 1st, book 2 in the saga came out, WIZARD’S WAR. And just last month, in November, the third book came out. QUEENS OF OSIRIS.

I added to my indie publications, under the Good Pony Ride Press label, and released two JAY WALKER MYSTERY books for young readers, as well. The hope is to continue the series, inspiring reluctant readers to read. So in October I released The Case of the Missing Action Figure. This title was first published by Quiet Storm Press in April, 2004 under the pen name Grant R. Philips. The press went under, and with the rights returned, I thought it only appropriate to re-release it under my name, since I am leaning more and more toward YA writing. Additionally, I released the second book The Case of the Impractical Prankster. The goal is to keep the eBook version at just $.99 and the paperbacks at $7.00, making them super-affordable to anyone interested in giving reading a shot!

In time for Halloween, my short story, “Zombie Fix,” was published in Chris Philbrook‘s anthology, ONLY THE LIGHT WE MAKE, where I was included between the pages along with some of today’s Best horror writers.

Lastly, I started a book review sight, where I could promote titles by authors. I figured I read non-stop, and while I easily could have shared my reviews on my author website, a separate site seemed far more appropriate. I do hope you will swing by, and subscribe to the page. ON A DARK STORMY REVIEW has both a Website and a corresponding Facebook page. (And for what it is worth, I also beat the Goodreads goal of reading 42 books this year by almost ten books . . . so there is that).

I do hope everyone had a wonderful year, and thank you! Stick around. I am already anxious to announce new projects for the upcoming 2017 year!

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