Been There (Still Haven’t) Done That

Back in 2001, an independent film company optioned the movie rights to my novel TENTH HOUSE. The back cover blurb reads:

“Private Investigator, Nicholas Tartaglia, is hired to stop a satanic cult before they sacrifice another victim. Amidst a mysterious web of deception and conspiracy, Tartaglia’s investigations has him chasing a shadowy, elusive figure — the cult’s high priest. The search for answers turns into an urgent race against time when it becomes clear who the next victim to be sacrificed will be. Tartaglia must save the chosen one before the demented cult leader and his followers hold their next ceremony.”

Lynda Carter was looking at the lead female role for the film. The script was started. And then, just when it looked like the ball was really, really going to get rolling, it died. The project stopped. The film company went under.

The cool thing was the fact that I’d made it that far. Not too many authors can say their novel was almost turned into a movie.

Here I am again. Same place. Hoping this time it will actually happen.

A film company is looking at the possibility of turning my novel JOHNNY BLADE into a movie!

It’s a bit more gritty and hardcore of a story.

The back cover blurb reads:

“When a whoring, violent drunk loses everything–his job, his wife, his kids and his home–he quickly becomes enraged, and vengeful. He focuses his energy on killing prostitutes. When a college graduate winds up with a job on the city’s newspaper writing obituaries, it does not take much for him to spot opportunity. Taking a part-time job as a cook at a diner where the victimized hookers hung out, the journalist gets close to those closest to the murders. The journalist falls in love with one of the prostitutes, turning his world upside-down. When Johnny Blade takes this particular streetwalker for a ride, it is up to the journalist to save her life.”

At this point, it’s just talking.

The film company has the info on the book. A working script has already been written by my good, and talented friend Greg Palmer. They have that, too.

The company claims they want to make a go of this project. So while my fingers are crossed, I am apprehensive about holding my breath, just yet.

People never believe me when I say writing isn’t about the money. Of course I’d love to do this full time. Love to leave my job and stay in a bathrobe all day writing. Who wouldn’t? (Maybe someone who doesn’t own a bathrobe?)

It isn’t about the money.

I am a storyteller. A writer. Dare I say, an artist?

What matters most to me is creating, and then sharing that creation.

Regardless of a movie deal or not; of hitting the best seller list or not; of having to work a full time job or not … I write because I love it. Getting published is icing on the cake.

Getting paid, or landing a movie deal … well, my friends, that’s getting to eat my cake, too!

Know what I say? Don’t wait for the movie. If you haven’t read JOHNNY BLADE (which, by the way, won a Bloody Daggar Award in 2002) — read it now! Love to know who you “picture” as actors for parts in the film!

Take care,

Phillip Tomasso

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