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There is nothing better than getting Tagged. Welcome to the Blog Hop extension tour. I want to thank Dave Sakmyster for including me in this ever-popular blogging ritual. At the end of my blog, I get the pleasure to Tag many friends of mine, all of whom are talented and successful authors. So be sure to read Sakmyster’s post, mine (of course) and the ones tagged below.  As always, if you have additional questions, require more in-depth answers or just want to comment — leave a message, or feel free to send me an email!

Okay Enough with the intro. On to Question Number 1!

1. What Am I Working On

I am under contract with an amazing publisher, Severed Press. They published my Vaccination Trilogy. And I just, JUST finished another
novel for them, Blood River, that will be out late Fall ’14. There is no time to rest though. Severed Press is a hungry publisher and wants more and more and more . . . so without delay I started my next manuscript. It is currently called, Damn the Dead. I may change it to In The Belly of the Dead. Not sure (thoughts?) . . . It is a zombie novel, and a continuation of The Vaccination Trilogy. There were still so many unanswered questions by the trilogies end that I couldn’t leave it where I’d left it. I am very excited about the story-line.  I hope fans are equally as excited for another chapter, as the trilogy is my best selling set of books, ever! (And for that, I thank you!)

2. How Does My Work Differ From Others In My Genre

I feel fortunate that I have written books in many genres. Let me start the answer that way. Treasure Island: A Zombie Novella, is a continuation of Stevenson’s timeless classic — picking up where Stevenson left off. And with zombies. It is essential a YA novel. There is no
bad language and plenty of violence. Sounds of Silence is a YA novel about a young boy who becomes deaf and feels he can never play pro-baseball. Adverse Impact is a legal thriller. Johnny Blade involves a serial killer.  Pulse of Evil is about Mafia-like vampires. Blood River is a thriller that takes place in Papua New Guinea. And then I have my zombie novels. While the books themselves are true to the genre, it is ME who differs by writing in a variety –and hopefully doing it well.

3. Why Do I Write What I Write

I grew up with a reading disability. First book I ever really read was The Outsiders. After that, and by mere accident, I discovered Stephen King. Firestarter. And from that moment on I was a fan of horror. I gobbled up books by King, and Koontz. They were my inspiration at 14. I started writing in the genre I loved. Horror. Suspense. Thrillers. I have never looked back . . . however, I may be writing a straight contemporary novel, When The Wind Blows, about a man who’s wife and son die in a car accident. We shall see. Otherwise I concentrate on writing books filled with action, tension, and surprises! It’s what I like to read. It’s what I like to write.

4. How Does My Writing Process Work

I consider writing the way some people look at going to the gym, or brushing your teeth. You need to create a schedule. Like with teeth brushing –it’s after every meal, or in the morning and before bed. I am most creative at night. So that is when I do most of my writing. Nearly every single day I write. But like going to the gym, there are times where I just don’t feel like writing. The thing is once you get to the gym you are generally okay –and have a healthy workout. Same with writing. I sometimes have to force myself to sit down and be still, and then begin writing. I’m always happy after, thankful I expressed the discipline to do what needed to be done.

And there it is. My Blog Hop Questions answered! Again, thank you to Dave Sakmyster for the invite. I’ve had a great time. (I always love talking to myself this way). Remember, post comments or questions. Share the blog with all of your friends and loved ones. Be safe, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Oh yeah — who am I going to tag? Belinda Frisch, Michael Garza, Joe McKinney, Kevin Lucia, R.J. Kennett , Shana Festa and Joseph Cautilli!

Best Wishes,
Phillip Tomasso


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  1. Excellent look for the blog. So tell us all what inspired you to write Vaccination, specifically? You mention your learning disability, how has that impacted you as an author, especially when you develop characters?

    1. The inspiration was fear. Conspiracy Theory stuff. I realized that the swine flu was first contracted by a male in Mexico. That same year the US not only concocted a cure, but mass-produced enough serum to inoculate the country. I found that highly suspicious. 🙂

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