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As a writer, I meet (and know) people who say to me, “Have I got a book for your to write. Instant best seller!”

I try my best at being polite. “Really? If it is that good an idea, you should write it.”ex!

“No,” they’ll tell me. “You’re the writer. You write it!”

And then they always, ALWAYS, throw in the caveat: “And if you get rich off it, just don’t forget me.”

Just. Don’t. Forget. Me.

What does that mean? Are they looking for a 50 / 50 split? Define rich? Tell me exactly how you want to be remembered! Don’t make me guess. I hate guessing games!

Nope. I don’t want to hear your ideas. And I have enough ideas of my own that need writing. Thank you, but no thank you.

I stick by this rule. With one exception. When it comes to my kids, I am all ears. As a father I want to be supportive of their creativity. My kids are no longer little tots. The way I speak of them, one might think so. My oldest, Nightbreed-ebook-coverPhil (IV), is almost 22 years old. Grant will be 20. And in October my daughter, Raeleigh, turns 18.

These kids are so creative. They make me look vanilla. Phil and I signed a multi-book deal with Severed Press for an anti-superhero series. YOUNG BLOOD: The Nightbreed Saga was released earlier this year. While I did most of the writing, the ideas behind the stories are mostly his. We collaborate under the mathematical name of Phillip Tomasso (squared). Phil also gave me the (complete) idea for my young adult story, TREASURE ISLAND: A Zombie Novella. For his brain, I am eternally thankful.

So not that long ago my publisher asked if I wanted to write a dinosaur book. It didn’t have to be long. A novella would suffice. What did I say? I said, “Absolutely!”

I was with my daughter. I explained what Severed Press was looking for, and that I was blocked. I had nothing. Jurassic World, Jurassic Park (I, II, III) … Godzilla. What more could I do?TI_3

Without missing a beat, Raeleigh spouted off the entire plot for my Just Released (7/13/2015) novella, EXTINCTION. I submitted the synopsis to Gary, and BAM! We’ve got us a new deal.

My point? I can promise my kids if I make it rich, or big, or get movie deals, I won’t forget them. It is the easiest promise a dad can make. And the easiest one to keep.

Anywho… That is my blog. Do me, and my kids a favor — click on the book images, and check out the storylines. If you think they are worth reading, thank my kids. If you read and don’t like them, blame me 🙂 Hey, have a great day!

Phillip Tomasso

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