Book Review: Absolute Zero, by Chuck Logan

Okay. Here’s the thing. In November my sci-fi/horror novel was released. It is entitled, Absolute Zero. This is how I came across Chuck Logan in the first place. Turns out he has a book by the same title. (Completely, completely different types of stories). So I figured, hmmm. I am going to read every book Chuck Logan has written because they look damned interesting. Just finished my third in the Phil Broker series, Absolute Zero, and it turns out I was right. They are damned interesting!

This was a pretty cool tale. Three guys hire retired cop, Phil Broker, as a guide. They want to hunt Moose. Canoeing toward Grand Marais, Lake Fraser, they want some snow. It will make tracking the moose easier. The hunting party consists of a lawyer, Milton Dane, a surgeon, Allen Falken, and a writer, Hank Sommer. The guide, Broker, makes four. The guys hit it off, genuinely enjoying each other’s company. Instead of snow, they get a storm. The canoes can’t handle the barrage of waves. A fun trip turned deadly.

Sommer is in rough shape. He had a medical condition prior to to the hunting trip. The storm inflamed the condition. If he doesn’t get to a hospital he will die. Battling against subzero conditions Broker gets the man, and the rest of the party rescued. And then, after surgery, Sommer winds up a vegetable. No brain activity. Sommer survived a storm, survived surgery, survived his medical condition, but wound up nearly dead after all was said and done.

All evidence points in one direction. The anesthetist, Amy Skoda. She messed up.

Only, Broker doesn’t think so. There is something else going on. When another man is found dead in the woods, crucified to a tree, Broker puts one and one together. Sommer saved Broker’s life. The least he can do is look into things and figure out if there was some other sinister plan in play.

A fantastic cast of characters. The pages just keep turning. There is no down time in this book. None. You’ve got bad guys, and bad girls. There are ostriches, and computers. Moose hunting, and secret loves. Most of all, you’ve got Broker. He’s been known to fix things for people. Only this time he has his hands full! Absolute Zero was absolutely amazing. Loved it.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero (lol)
and Assassin’s Promise 

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