Book Review: After the Rain, by Chuck Logan

Making my way through the Chuck Logan library, and enjoying the journey! Phil Broker is quickly becoming one of my favorite fictional characters, putting him just behind the likes of Easy Rawlins and Mitch Rapp.

In my last review (Vapor Trail), I said I would talk more about Phil Broker’s wife, Nina Pryce. I didn’t want to get into it then, for that review, because at the time I had already started reading After the Rain, and my emotions were hot. Capital H. O.T. So in this review I will cover my feelings on that character in far more depth.

Nina, active Army, took Kit, (Broker’s daughter) and left the country. For two years Broker raised Kit while Nina was active in the military. And then, poof. Nina just takes their daughter and goes. Gone without so much as a good bye. Broker did his best dealing with it in Vapor Trail. But they were still working on their marriage some at that point, taking a break. Didn’t excuse her taking their kid. I do not think I have ever hated a character more.

And then I started reading After the Rain. Nina is back in town, for the most part. She is on a special, secret op. Working off intel, they believe a a nuclear weapon is in play. The suitcase bomb is either on, or being moved onto U.S. soil. With a small team Nina is going undercover to expose the plot. Part of the props used is Kit. Her seven year old daughter.

Yep. Kit. Her seven year old daughter.

Broker is fit to be tied. He’d been doing his best at handling the situation, giving Nina the space she needed to get things right. So when Nina puts their daughter into play, he about loses it. Which is good, because as Nina penetrates a small family operation, one possibly behind the nuke, she needs Broker to make the ploy realistic. Broker’s role? The angry husband.

The local police are not fooled by the sudden appearance of Nina and her team. They stick out like sore thumbs, and working closely with Broker, decide it is best to all play nice and figure out what’s going on instead of finger pointing, and puffing chests over infringed territories. Things spiral out of control, and the weapon –the “suitcase” nuke is on the move.

There is little time, and little chance for planning as Broker moves to thwart insidious plans. He and his wife, and the other law enforcement and military personnel put their lives on the line. It isn’t about them. Not anymore. It is about saving the city, the state, the country from a nuclear attack. Will they be able to uncover the devious plan and expose those behind it before the bomb is detonated?

Man. Man. Man. After the Rain was intense. The character development is phenomenal. The villains were villainous, and the heroes heroic! There was nothing about this book I didn’t like. Readers get treated to some serious background that is dark, and compelling. Another fantastic installment in the Phil Broker series!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero
and Damn the Dead

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