Book Review: AMERICAN ASSASSIN, by Vince Flynn

For a long time I’d seen Vince Flynn novels on bookshelves, but never gave them a try. Recently, I saw an upcoming movie trailer for AMERICAN ASSASSIN. It looked pretty awesome. I found out the movie was based on the Vince Flynn novel. And so, I bought it. And read it. And loved it!

I believe the story takes place about five years after Pan Am 103 (Pan Am Lockerbie), which took place in 1988. Mitch Rapp’s girlfriend was on the flight. Like everyone else on board, she perished when a suitcase bomb exploded on board.

Picked up by an elite organization, loosely affiliated with the Central Intelligence Agency, Rapp begins training as an assassin with seasoned veteran  Stan Hurley. The rigors training tests candidates, with the hope of narrowing the scope down to a prime operative. Is Rapp that candidate?

Sent on a series of assassination assignments, Rapp proves himself time and again. Only problem is, he doesn’t follow protocols. He becomes something of a spur-of-the-moment assassin, and that is a safety issue. His trainer, Hurley, wants Rapp out of the program, but the thing is, Rapp keeps getting the job done.

In Beirut, two Americans have been taken hostage. One a simple case of mistaken identity. The other, a C.I.A. agent. Both are being ruthlessly torchered for information.

The Russians are working with the Muslims. They share a common enemy. The plan is to start scarfing up pieces of land in Beirut. When over 26 million stolen from Russian and Muslim bank accounts, the finger pointing begins. Tensions rise. Everyone is looking for answers . . . and the money.

An extraction team is assembled. Rapp is part of the team. Things go from bad to worse, when Hurley is captured. It is up to Rapp and his small group to save the Americans, and escape the country safely. A nearly impossible task!

AMERICAN ASSASSIN is a fast, intense read. The characters are perfectly drawn. You get just enough on each one to make them seem real. Authentic. The dialogue is tight. And the suspense continually mounts. Best of all, I see this is a first book in series of Mitch Rapp novels. So I am going to jump in and start reading the next as soon as I finish this review.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of the Severed Empire Series,
and the Vaccination Trilogy

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