Book Review: Broken Angel, by Chuck Logan

I will admit, openly, after reading seven Phil Broker books I was apprehensive about a a stand alone novel. Broken Angel, by Chuck Logan. It wasn’t that I worried about Logan’s storytelling ability –the guy clearly proved he knows how to spin a tale. I just became so used to Logan writing about Broker, I wasn’t sure I could ever care about another of his character’s as much. Does that make any sense?

All of my worry was for nothing. Broken Angel might be my favorite Chuck Logan novel to date. Joe Davis might be a new, and ambitious main character worthy of his own series.

During a low level mission, two helicopters are used to transport a person of importance from Point A to Point B. Unfortunately the flight plan crosses paths with a secret mission already underway. When VX Nerve Explosives are unearthed, people get greedy. Buyers come calling. The unexpected arrival of one of the two helicopters disrupts the seedy operation. As potential witnesses, weapons are fired. The helicopter comes under attack. It goes down.

Mistakes are made. When everyone inside the choppers are thought dead, panic rises when they learn one of the pilots survived. Scrambling, to keep their participation in the middle east desert op a secret, there is no other choice but ti track down and kill anyone still alive. Getting to Captain Jessica Kraig won’t be easy. She is surrounded by military personnel and being rushed to a hospital.

The next best, and maybe easiest option is altering her medical chart, keeping her high, and therefore making anything she says seem ludicrous, and absurd. If done right the pilot’s ramblings would be chalked up to brain damage. Captain Kraig is not dead. She is not crazy. She saw something. She remembers something. But will anyone ever listen to her?

Racked with a sense of guilt, Joe Davis (who was in the second helicopter), feels as if all of this was his fault. He can’t let it go. He locks onto the lone survivor and makes a vow to figure out what actually happened. He won’t stop digging until he has answers. His probe into the event is like poking a wasp hive with a stick. Before he knows it the world is upended, and he finds himself in a life and death situation!

Will he put the pieces of the abstract puzzle together in time to save his life, and the life of Captain Kraig?

Broken Angel is what you call a frustrating nail-biter! I could not read the book fast enough. I had to find out what happened next, and then what happened after that, and after that! Chuck Logan may have outdone himself with this novel. He set the bar super high. I cannot wait for his next work, whether a Broker novel, or another stand alone . . . or a new Joe Davis installment . . . I don’t care. I. Just. Want. More.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero
and Damn the Dead

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