Book Review: BROKER, by Chuck Logan

For the last several weeks I have been reading all of the Phil Broker books, a most awesome crime/thriller series by Chuck Logan. This morning I finished the latest in the saga simply titled BROKER. This book is somewhat of a prequel to the series. What makes that fun is, if you have not read any of the books before, you can start here, with BROKER. See? Fun! (And not for nothing, but this gave me a break from Phil Broker’s wife, Nina Pryce. While she may have redeemed herself as a fictional character –somewhat– in HOMEFRONT, I still dislike her as a person. So there!)

Okay. BROKER takes place in Minnesota (where else?) in the winter of 1979. When a shipping crate is stolen, the thieves realize their problem. What was inside the crate was more than bargained for. The thieves immediately realize they bit off a bit more than they could chew. Someone was going to come looking for the box. Someone was going to come looking for them.

At a holiday party, police officers from across the state enjoy a banquet meal at a firing range. Food and guns. Unfortunately, not everyone can play nice. When things get out of hand, guns are fired, officers are down, and forced from the sidelines we find Phil Broker. Gun still smoking from the barrel of his weapon. When the investigation is complete, an offer is put on the table.

A dead cop has an informant on the run, and a new informant with information. Broker’s role is to make his way inside an outfit and figure out what’s what. Some bad guys are after the old informant, certain she has something they have been looking for. When bodies, and death threats show up, Broker finds himself sucked back into his old life. He becomes what is known in the military as a ghost. With less than three days to garnish results, his new team of mechanics and trusted friends must put together a plan to unravel the situation.

Working against time, in extreme weather conditions, and with seemingly only some of the needed information, Broker knows the odds of them coming out of the fiasco alive is unlikely!

BROKER was fast, and meaty. As always the characters are drawn with such clarity they appear like actual people on the pages. The dialogue is crisp, and concise, and authentic! The plot is tight, and engaging. My only complaint? There are no other Phil Broker novels waiting for me to read! Now what?

Phillip Tomasso
author of Absolute Zero
and Damn the Dead

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