Book Review: CLOUDBOUND, by Fran Wilde

After reading UPDRAFT, and loving it, I dove dove right into the second book in the Bone Universe series, CLOUDBOUND, by Fran Wilde.

This time told from Nat’s point of view (and not Kirit’s), the YA dystopian novel is not a stand-alone. You should definitely read UPDRAFT first. Doing so let’s you get the most out of the storytelling, and amazing world building.

In the City, Cloudbound meant to disappear. No songs sung about the lost. No Remembrance.

After a war, the city needs to rebuild. The Spire, where the Singers lived, has fallen. The Towers are filled with unrest. They want the satisfaction of justice. Punishing the surviving Singers, and the supporters of the Singers will give them that.

Although a Conclave was the Singer way for doling out justice, the City politicians want the method adopted. Throwing the Singer, and Singer supports from the Towers might seem like the only viable solution. Few survived being tossed down to the clouds.

The Towers started below the crowds. The living bone grew, taking the residents living within the towers to heights far above the clouds. Legends, and horrific tales mark what might exist below. Unfortunately, wanted for treason and conspiracy, Nat and Kirit find themselves in a deadly race to survive while Cloudbound.

They have been searching for answers. The City is close to a revolution, a mutiny. The government’s sinister plans need to be exposed if there is any hope at all for saving the people from yet another archaic ruler, not unlike the Singers.

With new, secret, weapons being developed, and treasures from the past uncovered, Nat and Kirit attempt using the discovered knowledge to prevent another war. Will they have time, and will they be able to make it from below the clouds back up to the tops of the towers before it is too late? It doesn’t look good for them and their band of loyal friends. Not good at all!

CLOUDBOUND was as gripping a read as UPDRAFT. I am dizzy after reading the two books back to back (and I don’t care much for heights). The characters fly on homemade wings. The action-packed fighting scenes take place in the air. Bows and arrows. Knives and bone hooks . . . There are monsters, and more monsters. Like an onion (a simply terrible comparison), readers learn more and more about the City as the characters explore deeper, and deeper into the base –and bare bones– of the towers.

Can I say any more to make you want to read this series without spoiling the wonderful twists and creative plot Wilde has spewed forth? I think not. So do yourself a favor. Grab a copy of the series, and read it. Love to hear if you think differently. (No, seriously, I would. Let me know what you think)!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero
and Damn the Dead 

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