Book Review: Cutting Edge, by Ward Larsen

As a huge fan of Ward Larsen’s Assassin series, I could not wait to get my hands on Cutting Edge, the first in a new saga.

Here is what is not different about Cutting Edge when compared to the Assassin books. Great characters. Still there. Non-stop action from start to finish. Yep. It’s there. A compelling plot. Now what kind of a writer would Larsen be if he left that out? Nope. It’s in there.

Trey DeBolt, a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, wakes up just as he is dying. He can’t remember what landed him on a table, being given an injection, and zipped into a body bag. All he knows is that he can’t move, he can’t signal to the doctors standing beside him that he is still alive. But he can hear them. He knows he is dead,

Except, he isn’t. When he next awakens he is still under someone’s care. It isn’t inside a hospital, and nothing feels right about any of it. This is confirmed when he learns he is actually in a beach house, and the nurse taking care of him –helping him get better, and stronger– admits that there is more at work than meets the eye. Confirmation comes when a team of military assassin’s storm the house and DeBolt is the obvious target.

Left with nothing but mounting questions, Shannon Lund –Coast Guard Investigation Services– becomes one of the only people DeBolt can trust, and depend on for assistance. Lund believes the reports that DeBolt died in a helicopter crash are false. She is certain the rescue swimmer is still alive. When DeBolt reaches out for help, she agrees to lend a hand, especially when DeBolt reveals twice assassins have tried killing him!

The mystery revolves around Atif Patel, something known as META, and Operation Bravo. With brand new, unexplainable skills, DeBolt guides Lund and himself closer to the truth. The problem is the closer they get the more dangerous life becomes. Not just for them. Anyone associated with META in any way is finding themselves dead. There is a hunter on the loose. He is known simply as Delta. He has locked onto both DeBolt and Lund and will stop at nothing until he completes his mission: Exterminate the both of them!

Ward Larsen writes books that simply don’t quit. The action, the tension, and the suspense build, and build, and build until the only thing left to do is explode. And Cutting Edge does that! I loved it. So glad I stumbled upon Larsen a few years back. The guy can write!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero
and Damn the Dead

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