Book Review: Find You In The Dark, by Nathan Ripley

Find You In The Dark is the debut novel from Journey Prize winning author, Nathan Ripley (Naben Ruthneum). I am thrilled I received an advance copy, as the book won’t actually be released from Atria Books until June 2018.

The main character is Martin Reese. Married, with a fifteen year old daughter, Reese made a fortune running his own business. Retired he dedicates most of his time to a rather unusual . . . hobby.

Ellen, Martin’s wife, is what I would all a helicopter parent. Their daughter, Kylie, can barely leave the house without her mother knowing every step she takes. Generally, parenting like this would annoy me. Thing is, Ellen has a good reason for what most would consider irrational fears. As kids, Ellen’s sister Tinsley, was kidnapped and never found. The idea something bad might happen to Kylie was always on Ellen’s mind.

Jason Shurn is dead. Before he died he kidnapped and killed a lot of young women. Not all of his victims were found. After years the missing person cases go cold. The police have newer, more pressing matters to attend to. And in a sad state, the missing are almost forgotten. Not by the family, and those mourning the loss, but by overworked officers with only twenty-four hours in their day.

Martin does not believe that is good enough reason to move forward. Getting his hands on police files, Martin pieces together evidence overlooked and with an almost uncanny skill unearths the remains of women once thought only abducted. Sickened by each find, and irritated, Martin notifies the police anonymously of his discoveries.

His good work becomes problematic when another serial killer thinks Martin is putting his nose where it doesn’t belong, getting too close to other truths that should remained buried –and to make the point perfectly clear– will stop at nothing from stopping Martin, even if it means killing Ellen and Kylie to make his point!

Filled with past, dark secrets, and hideous insight into the mind(s) of killers, Ridley’s thrilling novel left me breathless as I devoured chapter after chapter anxious to see what would happen next. As things get more and more complicated, more and more hopeless for Martin, I found all I could do was read faster and faster while doing my best to savor every detail!

The cast of characters are memorable, and the tale chilling. Simply. Chilling.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero
and Damn the Dead

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