Book Review: Homefront, by Chuck Logan

I did not realize Homefront by Chuck Logan was what they based the movie Homefront (staring Jason Statham and James Franco). I remember really enjoying the movie. I generally don’t read a book After seeing a movie. I prefer to read a book prior to the film. But my deal was to read all the Phil Broker books. So I decided I would still read the novel. And man, am I glad that I did.

Nina Pryce is a mess. PTSD,  Her shoulder is shot. Her career with the Army as a Major is all but over. She is slipping away. Her husband, Phil Broker, knows his family needs an escape. Time alone. He takes them to a friend’s place. Harry Griffin has graciously given them the keys to his place in Glacier County, and fitted Broker with a part time job, whether the ex-cop, ex-military guy needed work or not. It would give him something to do, to keep him busy.

Broker, Pryce, and their daughter Kit do the best they can to settle in. The cabin is out in the middle of nowhere, but close enough to town for Kit to continue her education while Pryce works on Pryce. A bully at school, Teddy Klumpe, sets in motion a catastrophic series of events that, once started, becomes impossible to stop.

Gator makes a good living restoring vintage tractors. It isn’t enough. He wants to be in the big time. Cooking and selling meth is where the money is at. He knows something is not right about Broker. The guy doesn’t fit into the community. Sticks out like a sore thumb. Taking a closer look at the family a plan hatches in his demented mind.

Long ago Broker worked undercover. He infiltrated a biker gang. His intel got many of the members arrested. Sent to prison. There were still hard feelings. Danny T. has never let the anger over JoJo’s arrest subside. In fact it has only festered. When he learns Broker may have been responsible for the bust, and the Broker was in Glacier, the idea of revenge becomes the biker’s only motivation.

There can be no witnesses. The vendetta should be complete. And while Broker believes his life his finally getting back in line, his world is upended . . . and the ones he loves the most are suddenly in danger!

Homefront is explosive. I read the book with a knot in my gut the entire time. Too often I had to remember to breathe. While the movie was definitely good, enjoyable, the novel they adapted the film from was one-hundred times better!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero
and Damn the Dead

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