Book Review: INCARNATE, by Josh Stolberg

Looks like INCARNATE is Stolberg’s debut novel. What a way to crash into the thriller genre –full force, full steam!

Dr. Kim Patterson is new on the job. As a hospital psychiatric resident her every move is watched. Dedicated to her patients, she is determined to help Scarlett Hascall.

Hascall is suffering from Dissociation Identity Disorder. Her split personalities are causing problems for Patterson, because Patterson is the only one positive the young girl did not commit murder.

Working with local police, Patterson makes a case in favor of her patient. Hascall might not be responsible for murder but her different personalities have answers to help point Hascall in the right direction.

Truly enjoyed the book. Stolberg’s writing is smooth and engaging. His charters are so well developed. The book’s pace is tight, fast. Kept me turning pages. I will tell you this, I want more.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of the crime novel YOU CHOOSE
and the supernatural thriller WOMAN IN THE WOODS

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