Book Review: Jar of Hearts, by Jennifer Hiller

I won a copy of Jar of Hearts, by Jennifer Hiller, on Goodreads. The book came in the mail with some bling. In with the book was a small glass jar, and a handful of candy hearts. Classy, Ms. Hiller. Classy. While I planned to read and review the book regardless, this little bit of a personal touch bounced Jar of Hearts to the top of my To Be Read pile.

While this is the first book I have ever read by Hiller it will most definitely not be the last. The story almost makes Gone Girl look tame. Nearly twenty years ago, Angela Wong, a teenager, went missing. Her body was eventually recovered. She had been hacked to pieces and buried in a several different shallow graves. To put the killer away for a series of murders, including the death of Wong, the prosecution needed a particular witness to testify.

Georgina “Geo” Shaw was Angela’s best friends. She never came forward with what she knew about Angela’s disappearance. In exchange for her testimony, she would only have to serve five years in a maximum-security prison . . . for her part in the young girl’s murder.

Jar of Hearts volley’s back and forth between the present and the past. When Geo is released from prison her nightmare is not over. Women, and their children are getting murdered. All evidence points back to the same suspect from the early case. The man who killed Angela is on the loose. Her life might be in danger. Police investigate the new crimes, and keep Geo close. She may be the only link usable when it comes to tracking down Calvin James, the killer.

Jar of Hearts is thrilling, absolutely thrilling. Taut chapters filled with in-depth characters, and a compelling plot kept me constantly engaged. The tension built and built. Unexpected twists and turns kept me off balance. The end . . . I never saw it coming.

Phillip Tomasso
author of Absolute Zero
and Damn the Dead

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