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I was given an Advance Review Copy of JURASSIC DEAD by David Sakmyster and Amazon Best Selling author, Rick Chesler. This was in exchange for an honest review.Jurassic Dead

I hate to say this book was a cross between something written by Michael Crichton and Joe McKinney, but . . . it was. That is not a bad thing. Just the opposite, as those are two of my favorite authors.

In Jurassic Dead there is a major dig underway in the Antartic. Melvin DeKirk spared no expense. He brought on Marcus Ramirez, a top paleontologist, and Xander Dyson, a biochemist, to assist with the dig, search, and extraction. Problem is, nothing is ever that simple.

Alex Ramirez, Marcus’ son, and a cohort are against the concept of the dig. They are kind of a Green Peace for land. In a dangerous attempt to thwart dig attempts in an untapped continent, the two infiltrate the sites. What they find below the layers of ice is angry soldiers. And worse. Under a subterranean lake in the Antarctic is the discovery of a lifetime. DeKirk’s plan is to expertly remove the find and ship it to a remote island where more scientists can work and create, and destroy.

Veronica Winters is undercover CIA, and is also working to stop DeKirk. It isn’t the dig she wants to stop as much as catch the man behind it all. His empire was built on criminal act on top of criminal act on top of criminal act. She wanted to take him down, the fact that Xander was in the picture, just made the piece of pie that much more luscious. Xander might be a scientist, but he was a killer, too. One that used poisons and toxins over guns and knives.

With lines drawn, Alex and Veronica work together against the impossible and the insane.  From Antarctic digs, raging storms on the sea, carnivorous zombies, 65 million year old dinosaurs . . . awakened . . . there isn’t time to figure out what to do next. There isn’t time to look back. There is only one option when it comes to survival, keep moving forward!

Sakmyster and Chesler have crafted a taut, explosive zombie novel with Jurassic Dead. The characters are three dimensional, the plot gripping, and the action non-stop. The worst part of the book were the words The End on the last page. Because I wanted more.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of The Vaccination Trilogy and Blood River

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