Book Review: Keep Her Safe, by K.A. Tucker

Hmmm. What to say about K.A. Tucker’s new thriller, Keep Her Safe. I suppose if you are the kind of reader who devours books with compelling characters, and a story that keeps you turning pages, desperate to find out what happens next, then it is safe for me to assume you will love –LOVE– Tucker’s Keep Her Safe.

Fifteen years ago something bad happened. A straight arrow cop –a boy scout– is tangled up in scandal, shot and killed in a seedy hotel alongside a known drug dealer. Officer Abe Wilkes reputation is is destroyed. His wife, Dina, and young daughter, Gracie, are left to absorb the shame.

Chief of Police, Jackie Marshall knew Abe well. Abe coached her son, Noah, and stepped in as something of a father-figure while growing up. That is, until is untimely death. Noah’s world is upended when his mother, a drunken ramble, says good-bye to him before commiting suicide. Her will, married to her final words from that fateful night, leave Noah reeling.

When he finds a hidden bag with nearly one-hundred thousand dollars, he follows his mother’s last instruction. Find Gracie and deliver to her the money. Taking a road trip, Noah does exactly as asked. However, he isn’t alone in his search for Gracie and her mother. The F.B.I. is involved. They want Noah’s help.

Certain Abe is innocent, and because of Marshall’s dying declarations, Gracie is determined to find out what actually happened to her father. As the clues are uncovered, there are no answers. Only more questions. Teamed together, Noah and Gracie realize the past is nothing if not filled with buried secrets. Unearthing the truth might only make things worse for the both of them!

Unearthing the truth might never happen. Those responsible for police corruption and major cover-ups have killed before. Will they kill again to keep the past buried?

Keep Her Safe was a fast, fast suspense novel. There is a splash of romance that keeps the reader’s pulse pounding (but for different reasons). I had not read K.A. Tucker before. Rest assured, I will be reading more works by her in the future!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Absolute Zero
and Damn the Dead

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