Book Review: KILL SHOT, by Vince Flynn

So. I just finished reading the second book in the Mitch Rapp saga. KILL SHOT picks up pretty much where AMERICAN ASSASSIN left off.

Basically, Mitch Rapp works for an off-chute branch of the C.I.A. Black-Ops. He does things that need to get done, and without too many people knowing the details. He is essentially a spy, not only with a license to kill, but is armed with a directive to kill.

His mission is tracking down the terrorists responsible for blowing up PAN AM flight 103. Rapp is hitting terrorists at every level. If they had a hand in the attack, Rapp would be coming for them. The problem is when he is about to scratch off the next name on his list, something is wrong. The set-up doesn’t feel right.

Gunmen are there. An ambush. Rapp, caught in the middle, barely completes his mission without getting killed himself. Now, he is wounded and running blind in Paris. The only conclusion he can draw is that there must be a mole inside the Orion Team.

The media is blaming Rapp not only for the murder of the intended target, but for the deaths of eight other people. As a wanted man, Rapp is forced to work outside-the-box, figure out what’s what, and either clear his name, or go into hiding forever.

Absolutely riveting! Flynn created some of the best characters in this series. And the best part about a series is when the characters continue to grow, when the readers get more depth and insight. We get to see more on why and how someone ticks. KILL SHOT was a fast read. At least, it was for me because I couldn’t put it down.

Phillip Tomasso
Author of the Severed Empire series
and The Vaccination Trilogy

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