Book Review: LAST CHANCE, by Gregg Hurwitz

Last Chance is the second book in a young adult apocalypse series. The first was Rains. This is one of those times where you definitely need to read Book 1 before diving into Book 2. Last Chance picks up right where Rains left off. The characters are already established, as is the plot. But don’t worry. Both are quick, quick, and relentless reads!

So let me see if I can sum up what is going on without giving much away. I don’t want to spoil the surprises for those reading this review who have not yet started the series. Think . . . zombies, but then immediately get rid of that thought. Because this book has nothing to do with zombies. Not really. So, maybe, think Mars Attacks. Then again, no. This has aliens, but it is nothing like Mars Attacks. (How am I doing so far?)

When an asteroid hits a field in the center of the heart of farmland country, it isn’t long before everyone realizes it was no meteorite. Only by then, it is already too late. Seeds from the crash get taken by the wind. Spread. Stalks shoot up. Spores are released. People are immediately infected. Those over eighteen. The adults became remote operated hosts. Their job? Round up the kids.

The alien lifeform needed the kids. They were injected, placed in cocoons, became husks, where Hatchlings can grow inside them. The aliens were trying to take over the planet, and the way things were going, had a good shot of getting it done!

In Rains, the Rains brothers, and Alex, might have won the battle, but now it was up to them to win the war! Patrick Rains, Chance Rains, and Patrick’s girlfriend, Alex, are holed up in a now abandoned school with the remaining children from town. They continually put themselves at risk trying to gather as much information about the enemy as possible. To do so, they venture beyond the safety of the school for their recon missions.

When Chance encounters a rebel drone, he learns something obscure and startling. The aliens know about the Rains brothers. The survival of the planet depends on them. Their selfless bravery will not come without sacrifice. With so many kids about to turn eighteen )and become hosts), the Rains have little choice in the matter. Time is of the essence. Every day that passes, another eighteen year old is lost . . . forever. The Rains know they must do what needs to be done in order to save the world!

Littered, I mean L.I.T.T.E.R.E.D. with action, and suspense, and tension, and horrific scenes, Last Chance falls under the old cliches of “page turner,” and “non-stop action.” There is no other way to put it. I have been a fan of Hurwitz for some time, plowing through his “adult” novels for years. The Rains series might be considered young adult, but there is nothing childish about these books. The characters are well drawn, in-depth, and compelling. You love the ones he wants you to love, and you hate the ones he wants you to hate.

My opinion? Do yourself a favor. Start with Rains. And then Last Chance. Then you will be like me (because I can almost promise you will read them fast), stuck waiting around for Book 3 . . . because, oh yeah, there had so better be a Book 3!

Phillip Tomasso
Author of Assassin’s Promise,
and Damn the Dead

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